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Shoulder Wrap Belt Band

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Product Description: 

The shoulder is a frequent area of injury for athletes, especially those whose activities require repetitive use of the joint, such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, and weightlifting. How can you protect an aching shoulder while still doing the activities you love? Yosoo neoprene shoulder brace may be the answer. Its a simple, non-surgical method to stabilize and protect the joint during sports and other activities, which can be worn to recover from a shoulder injury or to reduce discomfort. 

What will Yosoo Shoulder Support Help? 

1. Speed up the recovery process 

2. Protect your shoulder from further injury 

3. Provide compression, which may enhance the receptors in your skin and help your brain better understand the position of your shoulder. 

If you suffer from a full or partial shoulder dislocation have decreased proprioception.

  • This is an effective Shoulder Support brace that provides relief from injuries, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder and shoulder dislocation. The brace effectively increase blood flow and reduce recovery time without restricting movement.
  • The brace is made from high quality breathable neoprene material that provides gentle support and soothing warmth. It effectively provides comfortable support to your shoulder.
  • The brace is designed with two quality loops and velcros that can be used to two-way adjustment of the brace. The brace can be worn on either shoulder (Left OR Right) and suitable for both men and women.
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